The Libraries and Digital Humanities Special Interest Group (Lib&DH SIG) was established in 2015 by the international Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations ADHO. With conveners from five different countries, the goals of this SIG are:

  1. to offer advice and support to librarians engaged in digital humanities pursuits;
  2. to advocate for initiatives of interest and benefit to both libraries and digital humanities;
  3. to document how librarians and library-based units meet the many challenges, and take advantage of the many opportunities, of DH librarianship;
  4. to provide information about available resources and opportunities (e.g., training, funding) that encourage collaboration between DH scholars in a variety of roles, especially in libraries;
  5. to showcase the work of librarians engaged in the digital humanities; and to promote librarians’ perspectives and skills in the greater DH community worldwide.

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Cnveners of the Libraries & DH SIG

For questions about the Libraries and Digital Humanities SIG, contact Zoe Borovsky: zoe(at)library.ucla.edu

Upcoming Events

DH 2016
Kraków, Poland: July 12, 2016 - July 16, 2016